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Complaints Policy

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Complaints Policy

January 2020 – December 2020

1. Introduction 

Hagleys Group is committed to ensuring the provision of high-quality training services. We believe that all users of our services have the right to make a complaint when they are dissatisfied with the service they have received.

Information relating to a complaint may be shared internally to enable us to investigate the matter and on occasion externally with third parties such as awarding bodies, regulatory bodies and funding providers. Sharing will only take place where the law allows it and in compliance with current data protection legislation. Consent can be withdrawn at any time by contacting the Data Protection Officer.

2. Overview 

The company recognise that there may be occasions when its actions do not meet expectations. If you need to raise a complaint this procedure aims to ensure that complaints are resolved promptly and fairly.

We believe that most issues can be resolved quickly and at the informal stage however, where complaints are not resolved at the informal stage the individual has the right to raise a formal complaint.

Formal complaints will be investigated by a senior member of staff and anyone making a formal complaint will be treated fairly and respectfully and can remain anonymous. The relevant funding Organisation who your qualification is funded by may be informed of your complaint.

All complaints will be taken seriously and investigated in accordance with the procedure set out in this policy.

3. Complaints Policy 

This policy is designed to:

  • Provide     clear guidance for the resolution of complaints in a way that is     fair to both the individual and the company.    

  • Maintain     confidentiality as far as reasonably possible for all parties     involved in the complaint.    

  • Identify     areas for improvement.    

Stage 1

Many issues can be resolved quickly through the informal stage and can be best dealt with by the appropriate member of staff. This will normally be the allocated tutor/assessor. Informal complaints should be raised within 5 working days of the original issue arising and it is expected that informal complaints will be resolved within 5 working days.

In many cases the outcome of the complaint will be communicated verbally.

The company does not require written confirmation of the outcome unless this is specifically requested by the complainant. If resolution is not found at the informal stage or matters are too significant for the informal approach the individual may wish to make a formal complaint.

Stage 2 – Formal Complaint

The Individual should raise a formal complaint (formal statement by the individual) within 10 working days of the issue arising and this must be in writing to: The Quality Team:

• Post: Floor 11 Cobalt Square, 83-85 Hagley Rd, Birmingham, B16 8QG

• Email:

At this stage, on receipt the formal complaint will be logged. 

The quality team will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 2 working days from receipt of the formal complaint.

The content of the complaint will be reviewed and escalated to the relevant senior manager to investigate.

The investigating manager, usually a manager from the team to the complaint will take any necessary measures to ensure the matter raised remains confidential to those directly involved in the investigation of, and response to, the complaint. All staff and individuals who become aware of any of the issues involved in the formal complaint are to keep this information confidential except insofar as is necessary to progress, investigate or respond to the complaint.

During the formal complaint stage, it is expected for both parties to continue that relationship in a professional manner and allow the matter to be progressed through the formal procedure. Under exceptional circumstances or, if the complainant requests it, we will make alternative arrangements to ensure all relevant individuals are not disadvantaged.

The investigating manager will communicate their final decision within 10 working days of receiving the stage 2 formal complaint.

4. Complaints beyond the company 

Stage 1 escalation rights –

Individuals have the right to make a complaint about an assessment related matter (not assessment decision as this is dealt with in the appeals procedure) to their awarding Organisation. If an individual wish to exercise this right, the details are recorded within the learner handbook, portfolio or alternatively, can be requested from the tutor/assessor, IQA or quality team.

Stage 2 escalation rights –

If all the above stages have been exhausted and the individual remains dissatisfied, they have the right to escalate the complaint to: The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments

Retention The complaint will be securely retained for a minimum of 3 years from receipt. The companies’ retention period is set out to comply with awarding Organisation certification retention periods and government guidance. After this period the complaint will be securely destroyed.

6. Right to Access Rights to Information 

Learners have individual rights to access personal data that is being held about them, either on computer or in manual files. Any person who wishes to exercise this right is required to submit a subject access request to The Data Protection Officer.

Refer to the following policy for further information.

• Subject Access Request Policy

7. Review of Complaints

The Quality Manager will have the responsibility for reviewing all complaints and their outcomes monthly. These may inform future changes in service delivery.

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