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   Let’s face it, if you want to work in healthcare sector, you MUST be qualified. You can’t take care of someone without knowing how to do it – properly.

Although having a university degree or diploma is not necessary – there is options out there for You to step into this sector, skipping years of university or college.

Every single Healthcare Assistant is required to do his/her mandatory trainings every single year.

Either you are in the sector already or trying to step into for the first time, there is no way to skip this step.

However, if you are in the sector already, in most of the cases the company (care home) that you are working for, is going to take care of your training and make sure you are up-to-date with your knowledge in the sector.

But what to do if you are fresh?                                                                                        

Who is going to take care of you?

You never worked before in this sector. You never done something like this. You have no qualification and no professional experience.

The only thing that you have is passion, willingness to learn, a huge love for people, a caring personality and maybe some personal experience.

How to position yourself at least one step above in this demanding sector, where for the same position that you are fighting for, are fighting at least another 10 people – who in most of the cases are more qualified or at least have some professional experience under their belt in the past.

Here you have 2 options, more or less:

  1. Keep applying for jobs and hopefully one day somebody will invite you for an interview (a company/agency who sometimes are willing to take you as a “fresher” and offer you the training for free[1])


Estimated time to get the interview in this situation – on average 3-6 months, with no guarantee that at the end they will pick you.[2]

          2. Find a company who provide trainings, do your mandatory training on the side, pay for your training and get your certificate.


If you love caring for people and most importantly want to be in control of your life and make an impact in someone else’s, then we recommend You to take initiative and get in touch with us – NOW.

Not only we will train you the 15 Mandatory units set by CQC (Care Quality Commission), by completion you will get your Certificate which is recognize all across the UK, you get 1 book for each unit for FREE, we support you with relevant documentation (CV, Cover Letter templates, etc.), we will work with you on Interview techniques (which will improve your chances by at least 60% -something that you can’t neglect), you get 3 months’ membership with us but most importantly by completion we will send you for an interview with one of our clients, which will increase your chances to get the job to 95% (this by the way is our placement rate).

The training will take 3 days, and your placement up to 2 weeks (time may vary). Our team will work around your situation and will create an action plan for yourself. We will do whatever it takes to place you as quick as possible.

                Call our office TODAY at 0121 6 302010 and ask for more details.

Limited spaces available.

[1] Usually they split the cost 50/50 or will take the money from your salary. If you decide at any point to leave, you will be forced to pay a release fee – to get your certificates.

[2] These estimations are based purely on people’s feedback



Hagleys Contact11th Floor, Cobalt Square,
83-85 Hagley Rd, Birmingham, B16 8QG

0121 6 30 20 10

For further information or enquiries, please contact us using the information above..